Holistic Body Massage

Holistic body massage is the therapeutic application of touch which, using a variety of techniques, movements and strokes, affects the skin, muscles, underlying organs and joints and can provide significant benefits for all the body’s essential systems. It can also provide a welcome ‘time-out’ and detox in our often pressurised, hectic and stressful lifestyles.
Massage can be used to promote and maintain general health and fitness. It can also be beneficial, when used to complement traditional medicines and other therapies, in the treatment of specific conditions and symptoms. It may also be helpful during recovery from injury or surgery.
Holistic body massage is a long-established discipline combining elements of Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue massage.
The focus of my treatments is to improve health and well-being by treating the individual as a whole – mind, body and spirit.
By not applying a fixed formula or routine to my treatments, I am able to adapt to the needs of my client on each visit. The addition of “hands-free” techniques, Acupressure and Reiki can further enhance the massage experience.
Suitable for both male and female clients, I use towels and wraps to maintain your dignity at all times.
For your comfort, I only use massage wax for my treatments – this means no greasy/oily feeling afterwards – just beautifully moisturized soft skin. My memory foam couch can also be pre-heated for your comfort.
***N.B. NUT-FREE versions available for those with allergies or sensitivity to nut products – please let me know if you need these when you make your booking.***
Phone: 07598 075276 or click here to send an email

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