Recent Client Feedback

I just wanted to let you know that my neck and back haven’t felt this good since I can remember. I am literally flabbergasted! 

“I’m a little better every day. After the release of the massage and feeling “longer” I realised that I nearly always have my stomach muscles pulled in way too hard which also strains my back and affects my posture.  So, I’ve been doing a lot of stomach breathing and elongating my posture instead of crunching up. It’s great – I’m breathing a lot better than I have in years, if not ever.”

“I am going to find it hard to describe the deep level of relaxation I felt after that first massage from Chris. What I can tell you is that he managed to turn my pain level right down, I mean almost off.”

“I don’t know how you do it, but you’ve sorted my headache – there’s no sign of it now!”

“I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel after my treatment, thank you.” From a recent cancer survivor client.

Feedback from a recent treatment at the Horizon Centre that I overheard being discussed – “unglaublich wie gut er das macht!” (unbelieveable how well he does it!)

From a short notice, ‘help, please’ treatment at the cancer centre. “Hi Chris, Thank you so much for today. @@@@ was buzzing!”

Thanks for a great massage, Chris. It should almost come with one of those ‘do not operate heavy machinery or drive afterwards’ warnings, so blissed out did I feel. Anyway, safely home and see you again, thanks again.

My lower back feels really good, I have a lot more movement and can ‘t feel the sciatic nerve pain any more. That’s a massive plus, Thank You!

I didn’t know haw stressed and tight I’d become. Wonderful massage, I feel quite blissed out and floaty. Great antidote to the last few months of cancer treatment.

Great massage thank you Chris. I hadn’t realised how much tension I was carrying in my shoulders and back and my diabetes has been easier to control too. When can I book my next treatment?

Chris, my thanks for such a fantastic massage yesterday it did the trick…feel so much better and in less pain really do know your stuff!!

From a voluntary support organisation I work with on a regular basis:

“NN is usually very quick to criticise, but is very enthusiastic about the treatment you gave and the improvement in mobility experienced as a result. Coming from them, that is a remarkable recommendation. Well done!”

New client came for a massage having not been able to attend with his normal Sports Massage Therapist. Suffering with tension in shoulders, neck and back. Before long he was clearly relaxed and snoring gently…. later he messaged me: ” Thank you Chris for a brilliant massage – I feel like a weight has lifted – thank you”

Client had a massage to try to alleviate long-standing intense pain in arms and shoulders, even after surgery (which the surgeon said carried no guarantee): ” I had the best sleep in a long time. It’s back but very much in the background. Thanks for what you did. I experienced a night of no pain”

“I don’t know what you managed to release in my feet/calves, but I had so much more range of movement for aerobic routines that I had not been able to do due to pain – thank you.”

“I needed that treatment – I just hadn’t realised how badly. Feels amazing – I slept like a log – thank you.”

“My back now has ‘soft bits’ – My Osteopath will be very pleased with me! Thank you.” (The Osteopath was SO pleased he recommended a regular treatment!)

“Great and skeeoy. Ah, what I meant to say is: yes my back is really good – I have been very sleepy, which is again a good thing. Thank you.”

“Amazing – such a heat from your hands – I can still feel it!”

“Can I book my next treatment today – I’m going to ask for one for my birthday!”

“Long-standing whiplash and back pain – ‘just had to come back – been pain free for weeks after the last treatment and it just started to niggle’.”

“Tree Surgeon with a bad back – “I can’t beging to tell you what a difference it makes.”

“New client with long-standing whiplash and back pain – ‘first time in weeks I’ve been pain free”

“Stopped in ASDA by client 3 days after treatment – ‘just had to tell you it has helped my back pain’ “

“Brilliant treatment – this has helped to alleviate my back pain”

“Very good – Physio and Osteopathy only eased my back pain – this has helped to clear it”

“Very good – for the first time in 4 months I can lie down without being in pain!”

“Fabulous birthday present. NOW on my Christmas list :-)”

“Undid knots without hurting – deep but not sore afterwards- that’s good!”

“Just had my first treatment – have to say I’ve booked my second already”

“massage by chris is an experience I would recommend”

“Was recommended to me – glad I followed it up. very thorough treatment, felt very relaxed and revitalised afterwards, thank you Chris”

“Highly commendable, felt revitalised afterwards”

“Christopher always gives a wonderful massage, he is a marvellous masseur”

“Very professional throughout”

“Felt comfortable at all times”

“Felt the benefit immediately”

“Really good, professional massage”

“Best experience ever”

“Well done – would highly recommend this service”


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