Benefits of Massage

Massage can help in many ways by relieving muscle soreness, tension, and stiffness. Muscle tone, flexibility and the range of motion of joints may be also improved, and you should experience a reduction in pain and swelling.
Many clients also report a noticeable reduction in their stress levels – indeed some will fall asleep during their treatment.
Massage can promote improvement in posture/body alignment and may improve skin tone by stimulating blood flow to nourish the skin whilst simultaneously helping to eliminate waste products from your system.
Massage has also been shown to be instrumental in lowering blood pressure, reducing heart rate, stimulating the immune system and lifting (improving) mood.
NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, recognises the benefits of massage therapy alongside traditional medicine.
Disclaimer:Please note: massage treatment should always complement rather than replace appropriate medical care and, whilst beneficial in most circumstances, it should never be a substitute for medical advice and care. Massagebychris cannot be held responsible for undisclosed conditions and I will always refer you back to your GP for advice regarding medical conditions.
In addition, if you are already under the care of a complementary practitioner – Osteopath/Chirporactic or Physiotherapist, I would ask that you obtain their confirmation that it is appropriate for you to undergo treatment with me. Please do not be offended if I decline treatment until you have this confirmation from your therapist.
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