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Recommended Therapist and Training Provider.
Jon Matson, Principal and Senior Tutor, Assessor & IQA at Brighton Holistics is my recommended training provider. I thoroughly recommend his FHT accredited academy for professionalism, extensive knowledge, quality of instruction and reference material, on-going support and attention to detail.
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Canine Myotherapy and Remedial Massage.
We are not the only ones who suffer from aches and pains, but unfortunately our four legged friends can’t easily tell us when they’re having problems. All the issues that affect us can also affect our dogs. With the recommendation and approval from your own vet, the team at AchyPaw can give advice, treat your dog and help them with their problems. We also provide training in classes or on a 1-to-1 basis. These tailored sessions enable you to provide self-help and maintenance for your own dog at home in between professional treatments. Following 1-2-1 sessions we provide an easy-reference follow-up manual designed specifically for you and your dog.
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